As the Kremlin continues to undermine Georgia’s efforts at reconciliation and democratic development and as China’s expanding economic influence threatens to exert malign influence, USAID is sharpening its focus on helping Georgia build resilience.  USAID programs will support proactive engagement with Georgia’s conflict-affected communities, mitigate the impact of targeted disinformation, reduce economic exposure to external malign influence, and strengthen the cybersecurity of Georgia’s key infrastructure.  USAID programs will address these challenges by strengthening the resilience of local institutions and communities through greater economic opportunities, support for social inclusion and equality among all of Georgia’s ethnic religious and linguistic communities, and creating platforms for greater civic activism, especially among young people.  As energy supplies are an oft-used tool for attempted manipulation, USAID will also promote Georgia’s energy security and integration with the European Energy Community, supporting a more secure, competitive, and diversified energy market. 

Our Programming to Counter Malign Influence

USAID/Georgia funds a number of programs implemented by domestic and international partners that stimulate economic growth and civic activity in conflict-affected communities, build resilience against disinformation and cyberattacks, supporting independent local media, and help Georgia increase its energy security. For more information, visit our Programming page.