The Agency’s policies and essential procedures on separations and exit clearance are found in ADS 451, “Separations and Exit Clearance.” All USAID employees separating from the Agency or moving to another USAID office, bureau or mission must complete applicable sections of Form AID 451-1, “Employee Exit Clearance for Separation or Moving Within USAID,” and obtain the required clearances. For the purposes of this requirement, the term “employee” includes Foreign Service (FS), Senior Foreign Service (SFS), Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL), Scientific or Professional (ST), Administratively Determined (AD), Civil Service (CS) Pathways Program participants, Fellows, U.S. Personal Services Contractors (USPSC), Foreign Service National Direct-Hire (FSNDH), Coordinating Country National Personal Services Contractor (CCNPSC), Third Country National (TCNPSC), and individuals detailed from another Federal Agency. USAID institutional contractors, Federal Employees under Interagency Agreements should not complete Form AID 451-1, but must inform their Contracting Officer Representative (COR) of their upcoming departure from USAID. The COR will ensure completion of actions. Please refer to ADS 306 mah, Contracting Officer Representative (COR) Checklist: Exit Procedures for Institutional Support Contractors and Federal Employees Under Interagency Agreements.

Expiration: 07/2024