Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) is a set of systematic and intentional practices that help improve  development effectiveness.Strategic collaboration, continuous learning, and adaptive management link together all components of the Program Cycle. Integrating CLA into our work helps to ensure that our programs are coordinated with others, grounded in a strong evidence base, and iteratively adapted to remain relevant throughout implementation. 

  • Collaborating: Are we collaborating with the right partners at the right time to promote synergy over stove-piping?

  • Learning: Are we asking the most important questions and finding answers that are relevant to decision making?

  • Adapting: Are we using the information that we gather through collaboration and learning activities to make better decisions and make adjustments as necessary?

  • Enabling Conditions: Are we working to create an organizational environment that supports collaborating, learning, and adapting efforts?

Woman teaching a group of women and children