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Partnership Opportunities

USAID Ethiopia is committed to an evolving model of partnership with those we serve. We recognize that sustainable solutions for global challenges are a joint effort with Ethiopia, partners of all sizes, citizens, and the wider development community.

We're passionate about challenging conventional wisdom to create new ways to work directly with local entrepreneurs, civil society organizations and partner country governments.

Watch this page for proposal solicitations and other procurement opportunities.

End-Lind Performance Evaluation

USAID in Ethiopia is seeking proposals from qualified organizations interested in providing the services as described in this solicitation. USAID intends to procure a new Firm Fixed Price contract to perform an end-line performance evaluation of the Yekokeb Berhan Highly Vulnerable Children activity. The purpose of this evaluation is to analyze the effectiveness of the activities' systems strengthening approach to improve access to quality services and health outcomes for highly vulnerable children and their families and to inform the design of a follow-on activity. Deadline is September 16, 2016. Click here for details.

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