Water Quality Assurance Plans (WQAPs) are the preferred method for ensuring water quality in projects involving the provision of drinking water. USAID recommends that new Initial Environmental Examinations (IEEs) for drinking water provisioning activities require Implementing Partners (IPs) to develop, implement, and report on a WQAP. The WQAP should specify how the IP will assure safe drinking water for the project and meet applicable partner-country water quality requirements, given project implementation conditions. It is intended to specify requirements for initial testing, long-term monitoring, and, in some cases, exact water standards.

This document provides the instructions, example language and template for Implementing Partners (IPs) to develop high quality WQAPs.

The LAC and Africa Bureau WQAP Guidance Note and Template in the section below are bureau specific. All other documents are considered global.

    WQAP Guidance Note and Template

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