Addressing the environmental, health and safety (EHS) impacts of mini-grids in project design, implementation and monitoring is essential. It is also important to mitigate risk to ensure project sustainability and regulatory compliance and to meet donor EHS requirements.

This module describes the potential EHS impacts a mini-grid might have, potential donor and host-country compliance requirements, EHS monitoring and evaluation and greenhouse gas emissions associated with mini-grids .

What environmental, health and safety impacts can a mini-grid have?

Mini-grids have three kinds of potential EHS impacts: direct, indirect and cumulative. Read more »

With what environmental, health and safety requirements must a mini-grid project comply?

Projects must comply with host country, donor and lender requirements and best practices should be adopted. Read more »

What mechanisms are needed to monitor and evaluate the environmental, health and safety impacts of a mini-grid?

A number of methods, tools and approaches are available to monitor and evaluate the EHS impacts of a mini-grid. Read more »

What are the greenhouse gas emissions of a mini-grid project and how are they calculated?

Emissions will vary by generation technology, and there is no single agreed-upon accounting methodology, but a number of existing tools and methods can be used. Read more »