Enhancing Development and Growth through Energy

This whole-of-government initiative will grow sustainable and secure energy markets across the Indo-Pacific region and level the playing field for private sector firms, in line with the goals of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy. USAID will support partner countries to mobilize private investment, modernize technologies and practices, and expand market opportunities.

In recent decades, Asia has experienced unprecedented economic growth and benefitted from an international technological transition that now renders clean energy cost-competitive. However the region is not without its challenges, including electricity shortages, lack of reliable power and regional connectivity, financially weak utilities, health impacts from air pollution, environmental impacts from rapid infrastructure development, and water and food insecurity. Improving the health of the region’s energy sector and increasing private-sector investment will be foundational to the region’s future economic growth, self-reliance and resilience.

“We’re helping Asian partner countries leapfrog over decades-old infrastructure and modernize their energy sectors by investing in smart grids, efficient technologies, and mobile apps for electricity payments. These projects will require high-tech solutions, the kind that U.S. companies are uniquely placed to provide.

Mark Green, USAID Administrator

Our Approach

USAID will support the Asia EDGE initiative to accelerate the growth of the region’s energy markets in four key areas. Regional Energy Trade and Integration will offer substantial economic benefits and unlock billions of dollars in the regional energy market through the development of power markets and regional exchanges. Increased Deployment of Advanced Energy Systems will meet growing energy demand at lowest cost while maintaining reliability and minimizing environmental impact. Utility Modernization will advance the financial viability and efficiency of local energy sectors through the improvement and expansion of transmission and distribution systems, cybersecurity measures, loss reduction and digitization efforts, and tariff reforms. Transparent, Best Value Procurement practices will allow countries to reliably and affordably generate sufficient energy supplies through the promotion of competitive procurement mechanisms such as auctions, ‘quality standards for best-value products,’ and demand aggregation.

Our Programs

USAID programs under the Asia EDGE initiative include:

Partner Countries

USAID is planning and implementing activities under the Asia EDGE initiative with:

  • Bangladesh
  • Burma
  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Nepal
  • Philippines
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Partner Agencies

The Asia EDGE initiative is supported by USAID; Departments of State, Energy, Commerce and Treasury; Export Import Bank; U.S. Trade & Development Agency; and Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

Last updated: January 03, 2020

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