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Girl receives polio drops at local clinic
USAID contributes to the overall goal of sustaining Egypt’s polio-free status by supporting the logistics and operations of the government’s vaccination campaign.
USAID/Julie Fossler

For nearly 40 years, USAID has helped improve the health and well-being of Egyptians. Activities in the health area increase the technical, managerial and leadership skills of health care workers and managers; improve infectious disease detection and response; combat malnutrition; collect critical data on the health status of Egyptians nationwide; and provide technical assistance to the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population.

Focus Areas 

Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health: USAID partners with Egypt's Ministry of Health to increase women's access to quality antenatal and post-partum care services, improve newborn care, and scale up best practices in post-partum home care. Activities include updating child growth monitoring standards, strengthening counseling services and improving nurses' clinical and counseling skills and mid-level management skills.

Nutrition: USAID continues to expand on successful community health programs that address malnutrition and promote healthier behaviors. Activities aim to improve key behaviors on nutrition for children and pregnant and lactating women. USAID's activities also improve health providers' capacity to identify and manage nutritional problems. Activities improve quality counseling on prenatal nutrition, early and exclusive breastfeeding, appropriate complementary feeding for infants and proper feeding practices during childhood illness.

Emerging and Infectious Disease Detection and Response: USAID helps Egypt improve its infectious disease surveillance system and better respond to infectious and emerging diseases such as Viral Hepatitis and Avian Influenza. USAID supports implementation of the National Infection Control program, provides technical assistance for Epidemiology and Surveillance Units, and works with the U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit to improve quality and safety of healthcare through decreasing hospital-acquired infections and antimicrobial resistance.

Health Systems Strengthening: USAID works to improve the efficiency, equity, and quality of the health care system in Egypt. Our activities provide a comprehensive approach to health care, focusing on financing, operational issues, governance, human resources, and capacity building. USAID works with Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population to collect and publish analyses that monitor health system performance; this data also influences policy recommendations and strategic reform.


  • Egypt met the Millennium Development Goals for reducing under-five mortality by two thirds by 2015 – five years early. 
  • The USAID partnership with the Government of Egypt for polio immunization contributed to the elimination of polio from Egypt in 2006.
  • USAID assistance helped the Egypt Health Insurance Organization realize an average cost reduction of 25 percent after implementing a medical management system in pilot hospitals; the system is now rolling out nation-wide.

Last updated: October 22, 2015

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