Here at USAID, Information Technology (IT) underpins everything we do, and a resilient, modern, secure IT infrastructure is critical for USAID to execute its global, impact-driven mission advancing the economic, political, social, and environmental well-being of the world’s most vulnerable people. For the Agency to leverage IT effectively, every five years M/CIO conducts strategic planning with key stakeholders from Bureaus, Independent Offices and  Missions (B/IO/Ms) to develop and maintain a USAID Information Technology Strategic Plan (ITSP). The ITSP for 2024-2028 has been developed in collaboration with the Department of State’s (DoS) ITSP and in support of the DoS and USAID Joint Strategic Plan.

The overarching vision for the ITSP is a future where M/CIO accelerates how USAID accomplishes its development and humanitarian assistance mission through innovative technological solutions and trusted partnerships.

The ITSP for 2024-2028 presents our current information technology (IT) priorities and emphasizes our commitment to providing efficient, flexible, and secure information technology solutions. The ITSP recognizes that information technology plays an important role in support of USAID’s mission while balancing judicious stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

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