Information Technology (IT) is a key enabler for USAID’s mission, interwoven into all aspects of the Agency’s operations while helping the Agency adapt to ever-changing challenges, gaps and opportunities. For the Agency to leverage IT effectively, M/CIO conducts strategic planning with key stakeholders from Bureaus, Independent Offices or Missions (B/IO/Ms) to develop and maintain a USAID Information Technology Strategic Plan (ITSP). Our focus on strategic initiatives has led to USAID receiving its 5th Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) “A” Grade in Dec 2021.

The ITSP for 2018 - 2023 presents our current information technology (IT) priorities and emphasizes our commitment to providing efficient, flexible, and secure information technology solutions. The ITSP recognizes that information technology plays an important role in support of an ambitious USAID mission. This ITSP follows the USAID Results Framework methodology and through this process notes the following core Operational Objectives for M/CIO:

  • Technology Adoption
  • Secure Operations Excellence
  • Information
  • Innovation

It identifies the various internal and external Drivers that face our office and lays out 12 Intermediate Results across the Operational Objectives. This strategy further discusses the issues that we face at USAID where M/CIO can play a part and enumerates 26 such Challenges and Gaps. To solve these, the ITSP produces a USAID Technology Roadmap that expands on the Challenges & Gaps identified in the ITSP. This Roadmap acts as a planning tool to support tactical and strategic planning, by matching short-term and long-term goals with specific People, Process, Technology Initiatives. This allows M/CIO to produce a proposed implementation schedule, namely the Enterprise Transition Roadmap. Discussed below is the history of the current USAID ITSP (since 2016):

  • The plan was initially created in 2016. It incorporated extensive input gathered from stakeholders representing Agency Missions, Bureaus, and Independent Offices (M/B/IOs).
  • Major updates were made to the plan in 2018. This version aligned the ITSP to USAID’s Results Framework.
  • Updates were made to the plan in 2019. This update added sections on Artificial Intelligence, Zero Trust Network, Supply Chain Risk Management.
  • Updates were made to the plan in 2020. This update added new sections on:
    • Data Strategy
    • Workplace Innovation
    • Hyperautomation
  • Updates were made to the plan in 2022. This update added new section on Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Updates were made to the plan for 2023. The update added a new section on IT Automation.