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Our Work

Democracy and Governance

USAID supports democracy and good governance in the Dominican Republic by advancing institutional reforms in the administration of justice, government transparency, and accountability. Our assistance helps public sector institutions and civil society groups combat corruption and promote fiscal integrity and responsibility.

Economic Growth

To reduce poverty, USAID helps the Dominican Republic increase economic opportunities by reforming economic policies, building trade capacity, diversifying rural agricultural production and economic development, and improving productivity and competitiveness of small businesses in domestic and global markets.


USAID increases educational opportunities for the poor by providing training for public primary school teachers in reading, writing, and mathematics. We foster active private sector and community participation by encouraging businesses, foundations, and institutions to work with local communities to improve public education, materials, and human resources. These efforts are designed to give the next generation of Dominicans the opportunity to become productive citizens through education, vocational, and life skills training.


USAID safeguards biodiversity and natural ecosystems by strengthening Dominican capacity to: develop and enforce national environmental and natural resource laws and regulations; increase public sector capacity at the national and municipal levels to promote environmentally sustainable economic growth; and assist civil society groups to advocate for and contribute to a cleaner environment and greater biodiversity protection.


USAID strives to improve the health of women, children, and the most vulnerable populations. Programs support improved quality of care for reproductive, maternal, and child health; prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS; and systems that support public health policy reform.

Last updated: July 31, 2017

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