The digital financial capabilities campaign “Hey Sister! Show Me the Mobile Money” is now available for use and adaptation by anyone, anywhere. The USAID Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment hub-funded program aims to increase the digital financial capabilities and decision-making skills of women in developing countries so that they can effectively use digital financial services (DFS) to economically improve their lives. This Replication Guide shares an overview of a proven, evidence-based solution to a specific development challenge, and then provides steps on how to replicate it.

The open-source program has 25 three-minute voice lessons that are offered in 14 African languages plus English, French and Spanish and can be accessible through any mobile device for women who often find themselves with limited time and mobility. The integrated voice response feature allows women with low literacy skills to participate and learn. Hey Sister! has reached nearly 750,000  people, majority of whom are women, in Africa. The Technology Division would like the program to continue to scale and has created this guide to help USAID and other organizations do exactly that.