In addition to the step-by-step guide, the DECA Toolkit contains templates and resources specific to each DECA phase. These templates are intended to standardize the research process and make it easy for the Research Team to conduct an efficient, thorough, and impactful DECA. They range from sample scopes of work for hiring the research team to technical desk research guidelines and interview outreach email templates. All of these templates are linked throughout the Toolkit. For quick access to direct links, download Appendix E via this page.  

Phase 1: equips the Research Team with planning tools as well as information on country context and new and emerging trends across the digital ecosystem before beginning interviews.

     1a. Planning (9 templates):These templates include sample statements of work for procuring the Research Team as well as organizational tools such as a work plan, travel schedule, and sample kick-off meeting agenda. 

     1b. Desk Research (12 templates): These templates support technically sound, organized, and effective desk research and include the Research Checklist, desk research template, desk research briefs, and the resources library. Also included in these templates is an Introduction Presentation template, which helps the Research Team get a jump-start on preparing a sleek, organized presentation. 

Phase 2: Interviews (6 templates): builds on the desk research and fills information gaps through conversations with stakeholders across the country’s digital ecosystem.

The Interview Phase templates include organizational tools such as the interview tracker and schedule as well as the interview guide and debrief template. Together, these tools help track outreach, ensure diversity of interviewees, and kickstart synthesis. Depending on the preferred format for the post-interview presentation, templates for the DECA Recommendations Workshop presentation and Jamboard as well as for a non-workshop Post-Interview Presentation are provided to ease presentation preparation.

Phase 3: Analysis and Report Writing (6 templates): synthesizes and connects research findings to Mission priorities and develops a set of recommendations to help the Mission engage effectively across the digital ecosystem.

Phase three templates include the DECA Final Report Tracker, which helps the DECA Team keep track of the many stages of report finalization. Use the Final Report Template for suggested language and graphics to organize findings and recommendations similar to the pilot DECA reports. The Final Presentation template provides guidance to effectively deliver the final report highlights. 

Email Templates (5 templates): suggested email language for key touchpoints with reviewers and interviewees throughout all three phases. 

Post-DECA Templates (2 templates): guidance for providing feedback and for conducting follow-on activities, which may come into use once the DECA is complete.