The Checklist for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Deployment is a tool for policymakers and technical teams preparing to deploy or already deploying AI systems. The document seeks to inform policymakers on starting points for building ethical AI systems, as well as prompt technical experts to reflect on whether the right ethical guardrails are in place for an AI-based approach. Leading users through six phases, starting from regulatory foundations to the desired functionality of an AI system, the checklist contains questions on regulations, business processes, data collection and use, system design, and decision-making for ethical AI deployment in different situations and contexts.

This spreadsheet version will allow users to generate a spider diagram for better illustration of the most/less developed areas. This scoring system is intended to help one think through the various elements of responsible design and deployment of AI systems, and one’s readiness to adopt these systems with minimal risk to impacted users and communities. If your total score is high, one might still need to revisit these questions throughout one’s AI project to continue to monitor and address risk. For the PDF/Print version of the Checklist, click here.