Women of Gold (MDO) supports women’s economic and political empowerment in male-dominated mining communities in El Bagre, Nechí and Zaragoza (Antioquia).  MDO is implemented through a global development alliance between USAID, the mining company Mineros S.A. and the development organization Jaime Arteaga & Associates. MDO runs from December 2018- June 2023.  



MDO promotes female leadership and participation in public decision-making spaces. MDO trains government actors, civil society representatives and private sector partners about gender equality and supports gender equality public policy development. MDO also disseminates information about gender equality to communities to prevent violence and discrimination towards women.


MDO supports women’s economic empowerment and autonomy through assistance to women entrepreneurs and women’s productive associations.  MDO also provides vocational training to women to increase their access to the labor market. 


MDO sensitizes and educates communities about negative gender attitudes and gender-based violence through dialogue and training opportunities. 


  • Awarded 67 scholarship in technical programs to women;
  • Certified 50 women in political leadership and social oversight skills;
  • Established 38 women-led beekeeping projects in Zaragoza and Nechí;
  • Engaged over 160 people in virtual dialogues to promote gender equality;
  • Helped 60 companies and women's associations build their business models;
  • Trained and certified 44 women in employment skills and the use of digital technology; 
  • Supported the creation and approval of three local development plans with a gender approach; 
  • Connected 230 people with interagency committees to promote inclusive and equitable decision-making in territorial development; and 
  • Established a women’s network in Bajo Cauca to promote collaboration and information sharing on gender-based violence prevention in the context of COVID-19.
Contact Information
Laura Garcia

E-mail: lgarcia@ja-a.co