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SportPower2 promotes the social inclusion of people and conflict victims with disabilities through sport and income generating activities. The activity also provides technical assistance to people with disabilities’ organizations that advocate for, and provide rehabilitation care to, community members with disabilities. SportPower2 is being implemented in Antioquia, Caquetá, Magdalena and Santander and runs from July 2018-June 2022.

People with disabilities’ civil participation is limited by negative stereotypes about disabilities, and they lack access to leisure and education opportunities. SportPower2 addresses the challenges faced by people and conflict victims with disabilities by providing them with training, recreation and civil participation opportunities.


Improving Health care Access

SportPower2 promotes disability-inclusive healthcare services in regional and national public policies. The activity also encourages regional and national actors to incorporate differentiated health needs into healthcare planning and service delivery.

Facilitating pwd empowerment and participation 

SportPower2 creates sports teams for people and conflict victims with disabilities to empower them and to encourage their participation, reconciliation and social inclusion. The activity also supports people and conflict victims with disabilities’ employment through job training and formal job creation.   


SportPower2 combats negative stereotypes about disabilities by disseminating positive messaging about people with disabilities to communities through social and sports networks.  SportPower2 also supports conflict victims with disabilities’ access to reparations for victims of armed conflict.

Encouraging SUSTAINABILE change

SportPower2 develops policies with national and regional government entities to ensure that people with disabilities learn about their rights, can access essential services, and are empowered to participate in public decision making. 


  • Helped 300 people with disabilities develop social and physical skills through sports and psychosocial programs;
  • Assisted 41 people with disabilities and their families develop professional profiles needed to access employment opportunities; 
  • Provided services to 2,918 people by strengthening four rehabilitation service centers in Cienaga, Necocli, Puerto Wilches and San Vicente del Caguan;
  • Strengthened 20 local disability committees and 14 people with disability organizations’ capacities to advocate for disability inclusive policies;
  • Awarded 250 public officials and community leaders with Sport and Peace Diplomas for their use of sports as a peace, empowerment and social inclusion tool;
  • Engaged 186 people with disabilities and their families in the community-based rehabilitation strategies to improve their access to rehabilitation services; and
  • Trained ten municipal administrations and five people with disability organizations how to implement Act 2011 of 2017 to hire people with disabilities in the public sector.
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Last updated: February 14, 2022

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