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The Indigenous Peoples and Afro-Colombian Empowerment Activity (IPACE) continues USAID’s long alliance with indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities, otherwise referred to as ethnic communities in Colombia.  IPACE contributes to indigenous and Afro-Colombians communities’ self-determined development by strengthening ethnic organizations’ institutional and advocacy capacity.  The activity also increases ethnic communities’ participation in peace implementation.  IPACE also promotes respect for cultural heritage and diversity, and supports ethnic communities’ development of environmentally sustainable socio-economic opportunities.  IPACE is implemented in Colombia’s Caribbean, Pacific, and Amazon regions, as well as Bogotá.  The activity runs from December 2021 to November 2026. 

IPACE partners with nine umbrella indigenous and Afro-Colombian organizations to co-create and implement peacebuilding and sustainable development initiatives. IPACE’s mission closely aligns with USAID’s Policy on Promoting the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  The activity equally targets indigenous and Afro-Colombian peoples, and works to identify and address these populations’ diverse needs. IPACE prioritizes women, youth, LGBTIQ+, people with disabilities, and populations affected by violence.



IPACE strengthens ethnic organizations and traditional authorities’ capacities for advocacy, leadership, self-governance, and natural resource management.  The activity works with local and national government institutions to address ethnic community needs, and to engage ethnic communities in peacebuilding.


IPACE supports ethnic communities’ COVID-19 economic recovery and food security by partnering with community, public, and private sector actors to foster income generation and inclusive business development. IPACE also helps ethnic communities develop environmentally sustainable economic initiatives, like sustainable land management to increase crop productivity while conserving biodiversity.


IPACE partners with ethnic communities, media, public, and private sector actors to foster inclusion, preserve cultural heritage, and build awareness of ethnic communities’ value and traditions in society.


IPACE rapidly responds to the changing context for ethnic communities, including health and food security issues and natural and humanitarian disasters. The activity provides emergency relief and short-term assistance to communities when needed, and it strengthens community, public, and private actor’s capacity to prevent, mitigate, and respond to emergencies, thereby increasing their resiliency.

EXPECTED results 

  • Support 240 local ethnic organizations;
  • Leverage over USD $30 million in public, private, and civil society funds to promote ethnic inclusion; 
  • Expand access to new employment opportunities for indigenous and Afro-Colombian people, with 65 percent of participants accessing jobs; and
  • Award over USD $20 million in sub-awards to local organizations for capacity-building and self-determined initiatives, including USD $3 million for biodiversity conservation and natural resource management.
Contact Information
Andres Alegria

E-mail: aalegria@acdivoca-co

Last updated: March 29, 2022

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