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    Confronting the Climate Crisis

    How USAID’s new Climate Strategy will accelerate global action. USAID is developing an ambitious whole-of-agency strategy to guide our efforts through 2030. Read the story

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    Betting Big on Renewables

    Meet Arman, an energy specialist from Kazakhstan. He wants to fight climate change and believes renewable energy is key to the solution. With USAID assistance, Kazakhstan met its renewable energy goal in 2020 and is now working toward 50 percent renewable energy by 2050. Read the story

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    Four Ways USAID is Taking Action on Climate Change through Water

    USAID, through the U.S. Government’s Water for the World initiative, is doubling down on efforts that adapt to climate change and build resilience. Read the story

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    USAID–India Partnership to Advance Clean Energy Deployment Successes 2019-2021

    Under the PACE-D 2.0 RE activity, USAID helped the Government of India scale up renewable energy, improve power distribution companies’ performance, and support upgrades to its regulatory and policy framework. Watch the video

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    4 Ways USAID Promotes Community-Based Conservation

    For decades, USAID has partnered with communities to strengthen resource rights and conserve forests and wildlife. Read the story

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    Energy Efficiency Should be the “First Fuel” Powering the Global Climate Initiative

    Energy Efficiency is necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while catalyzing economic development. Read the story

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    A Flavorful Partnership

    With support from USAID and McCormick, Malagasy vanilla farmers form cooperatives and harvest new opportunities. Sustainably grown vanilla has the potential to protect forests and their ability to mitigate climate change, while providing the farmers with much needed income. Read the story

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    How 5 Young African Leaders Are Addressing Climate Change

    USAID supports Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) alumni as they tackle the world’s most pressing issues. USAID is working to elevate diverse local voices—including those of youth advocates for climate action—to empower often overlooked communities to be agents of change. Read the story

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    Harvesting the Bounty of the Sea

    In the village of Babuyan, on the Philippine island of Palawan, fisherfolk are venturing into seaweed farming for a sustainable future. Seaweed is an effective natural way to absorb carbon emissions, and unlike trees, it does not compete with land needed for food production. Read the story

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    Integrating Climate Considerations into Long-Term Planning

    USAID is helping partner countries in Latin America and the Caribbean develop long-term plans for climate resilience and action. Read the blog

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    When Hope Flows With Water

    Small-scale utilities in the Philippines bring clean water to local communities not connected to city water service providers. USAID is helping these communities identify water production challenges and integrate climate and disaster resilience into water safety planning. Read the story

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    The Lady of Fires

    When the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu were threatened by forest fires, firefighter Jessica Morón and her wildland firefighting team battled the flames to protect the historic sanctuary and its surrounding biodiversity, and combat climate change. Read the story

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    5 Ways USAID Empowers Women as Leaders Against the Climate Crisis

    With a seat at the table, women contribute to decision-making on natural resources and climate solutions. Read the story

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    Learning Lessons from Resilience and Peacebuilding Programs in the Horn of Africa

    A study of USAID program evaluations critically assesses how peacebuilding programming can also produce adaptation benefits (and vice versa). Read the story

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    Community Forestry Is Much More Than Just Forests

    Nepal’s conservationists become local leaders. USAID has supported Nepal’s community forestry users groups (CFUGs) for decades through training in leadership skills, communication, and community planning. Read the story

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