Achieving sustainable scale of global health innovations requires practitioners who think globally to act locally. Ready, Set, Launch brings a sharp focus to this critical pivot from global product development to targeted country selection and launch planning. With input from a diverse set of practitioners and lessons gathered from successful and not-so-successful launches, this Guide provides guidance, tools, and case studies to support country prioritization and the development of a comprehensive scale-up strategy and operational launch plan.

Ready, Set, Launch:

  • Provides high-level guidance through three steps : 1) country prioritization, 2) strategy development, and 3) implementation planning
  • Includes a toolkit with suggested exercises and frameworks
  • Features real-world examples through vignettes and comprehensive case studies that highlight lessons relevant to the launch planning process

READY, SET, LAUNCH consists of two parts: a guide and supplemental toolkit. They can be downloaded here:


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Download READY, SET, LAUNCH Guide
[PDF, 11.7MB]

Ready, Set, Launch provides high-level guidance to develop a scale-up strategy and operational launch plan. This Guide outlines key questions to consider and highlights tools to help answer those key questions. It also offers real-world examples through short vignettes and comprehensive case studies.


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Download the Supplemental Toolkit
[ZIP, 14MB]

The supplemental toolkit is a collection of tools and templates highlighted in the Guide that can provide structure, inspiration, and practical guidance for the launch planning process.


Download other READY, SET, LAUNCH resources here:

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