“If one can find a bottle of Coca-Cola anywhere in the world, why not life-saving medicines?”

Coca-Cola Lead Cooler Technician, Maxwell Ayisi (right), and Ghana Health Services Refrigeration Technician, Livingstone Modey, repairing a dual gas/electric vaccine refrigerator at a clinic in Peki Dzake in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Across Africa, governments and donors have made progress in getting medicines into African countries. However, the medicine does not always reach the health facilities where people collect it, and nearly 50 percent of people lack access to these critical medicines. In contrast, a Coca-Cola product is available almost everywhere on the continent.

By leveraging the expertise and network of the Coca-Cola System, Project Last Mile is a pioneering public-private partnership with The Coca-Cola Company and Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Global Fund, and USAID to help improve uptake of life-saving health services and to enable medicines to go to the “last mile” and benefit communities in Africa.  Project Last Mile collaborates with regional Coca-Cola bottlers and suppliers to strengthen public health systems capacity in supply chain by sharing the expertise and network of the Coca-Cola System with the local Ministry of Health (MoH). To date, Project Last Mile has supported work in eight countries in Africa: Ghana, Liberia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, and Tanzania. 


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Project Last Mile 2019 Impact Report

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[PDF, 3.8MB]

To learn more about Project Last Mile, its services, and impact, read the 2019 impact report [PDF, 3.8MB].


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Learn more about each country's progress here:

Tanzania (2010 – present) [PDF, 1.0MB]

Ghana (2011 – 2013) [PDF, 2.0MB]

Mozambique (2016 – present) [PDF, 4.0MB]

South Africa (2016 – present) [PDF, 1.2MB]

Nigeria (2016 – present; 2015 set up) [PDF, 1.0MB]

Swaziland (2016 – present) [PDF, 3.0MB]

Liberia (2017 – present) [PDF, 4.0MB]

Sierra Leone (2017 – present) [PDF, 1.0MB]


PLM is looking to expand its impact to 10 countries in Africa by 2020. If you are interested in engaging with the program or have further questions, please contact cii@usaid.gov. To learn more, visit www.ProjectLastMile.com.

*Content provided by the PLM partnership program management office. Additional technical partners including the Global Environment and Technology Foundation, the Yale Global Health Leadership Institute, and Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP) manage the execution and evaluation of the programs within the local context.