The challenges of developing, introducing and scaling global health solutions – whether they are medical devices, drugs, diagnostics, vaccines or consumer products – are innumerable. As a result, it often takes years, sometimes decades, for these products to reach most of their intended users. By describing priority activities and their importance, supplemented with inspirational case studies and practical tools, IDEA to IMPACT is intended to help global health practitioners accelerate impact through better coordination and earlier planning.


The Guide to Introduction and Scale consists of three pieces:


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Download IDEA to IMPACT
[PDF, 4.2MB]

A reference for global health practitioners who are interested in understanding “who should be doing what, when.” This document lays out the cadence of activities across a four-stage model and uses case studies to highlight lessons and factors for consideration.

Practitioner’s Workbook

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Download the Practitioner’s Workbook
[XLSX, 744KB]

A project management tool for organizations managing and coordinating any set of activities at any stage. It is provided in Microsoft® Excel format to allow users to track progress over time, assign responsibility and update status.


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Download the Supplemental Toolkit
[ZIP, 14MB]

A dynamic and ever-growing collection of tools, examples and templates that can provide structure, inspiration and practical guidance for many of the activities described in this guide.

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