Working in Crises and Conflict

USAID is working to address the drivers of violent extremism through programs in Chad and other countries. We help governments and local partners promote peace messages and create partnerships with populations that might be vulnerable to extremist influence. With a special emphasis on young people, this program creates economic opportunities and increases legitimate civic and political participation through the following activities:

  • Developing legal money-making opportunities;
  • Supporting moderate media messages;
  • Engaging marginalized communities;
  • Conducting peace-building efforts; and
  • Supporting good governance.

Many Chadians are food-insecure, meaning they do not have consistent access to the food they need for basic nutrition. Factors that contribute to this situation are poor harvests, high food prices, violent conflict, and large numbers of refugees and displaced people. In response to this situation, USAID has partnered with the UN World Food Program to distribute food to those in need. Where food is available but unaffordable, we provide money to hungry families. We also assist farmers in getting the seeds they need to produce more food.