At USAID, a Personal Services Contractor, or PSC, is an individual who enters into a contract that generally establishes an employer-employee relationship with the Agency. The individual appears, in many respects, to be a Government employee; however, USAID’s PSCs are legally not USG employees for the purpose of any law administered by the Office of Personnel Management.

The above provides a simplified definition for a PSC. For more specific concerns and questions, please refer to the specific PSC job announcement and/or ADS 309 available here. If you still have questions please contact the POC listed in the specific advertisement.

To find currently available USAID PSC opportunities, please visit to and follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the “Search” Tab

  2. Under the “Keyword Search” field, type in “PSC”

  3. Under the “Federal Organizations” field, type in “072 - Agency for International Development” 

  4. Then click "Search." 

You can also utilize this preset link to search USAID PSC opportunities.


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