Note to Business Forecast Users: USAID is conducting data migration June 28-30, 2018. While the Business Forecast is expected to be available during this time, some pending updates ​made during this period ​may not appear until July 1, 2018.

Use the "Filter Opportunities" form below to search for current business opportunities.

  • To browse all available opportunities, click the Search button without changing any of the search fields.
  • To include opportunities that match all options in a particular filter, leave all of the checkboxes in that group unchecked. For example, if no Sector checkboxes are checked, then opportunities matching any Sector will be included.

If you are searching for an opportunity that was listed previously but no longer appears, please see our frequently asked questions on why opportunities no longer appear on the Forecast. You may also reach out to the point of contact listed for the specific opportunity or e-mail

Last updated: July 06, 2020