In Burkina Faso, USAID promotes democratic values among government officials and citizens with a focus on strengthening democratic processes and respect for human rights.

These efforts take place through the implementation of activities that increase the active participation of citizens (especially women, youth, and a diverse range of ethnolinguistic groups) in government and civil society institutions. USAID also helps its Burkinabe partners to reduce violent extremist groups’ recruitment in the country. USAID DRG work contributes directly to USAID’s multi-sector resilience and countering violent extremism goals through activities that enhance government responsiveness to citizen needs. In addition, USAID works on strengthening ties between security forces and Burkinabe citizens. This includes activities that promote human rights, and initiatives that amplify moderate voices in areas affected by violent extremism. These are important to foster an environment that is conducive to peace and social cohesion.


USAID trains and equips Burkina Faso’s government, the National Election Commission, its local subsidiary bodies, and a wide range of civil society partners to conduct regular, transparent, free, fair, peaceful, and participatory elections. USAID’s assistance supported the general elections of November 2020 and will support the May 2021 elections.


USAID strengthens the capacity of Burkina Faso’s Independent Human Rights Commission and civil society organizations to prevent human rights violations, ensure accountability when they occur, and support victims to have access to justice. To this end, USAID is supporting the establishment of two networks to improve assistance to victims of human rights abuses. These activities are focused in the North, Center-North, East, and Sahel Regions of Burkina Faso.


USAID supports local government institutions to improve their ability to deliver services that respond to citizen needs and priorities. These activities are designed to reduce conflict, improve security, strengthen disaster or crisis response, and stimulate local business growth.


USAID helps Burkina Faso counter violent extremism and reinforce stability in conflict-affected regions through multiple initiatives. One is called Partnerships For Peace and it was created to help the government of Burkina Faso to reduce the attractiveness of violent extremist organizations’ recruitment efforts by creating opportunities for Burkinabe citizens to earn a living, feel integrated into their
community, and fully participate in the good functioning of the state.


  • Strengthened democratic/electoral processes, particularly through increased citizen participation
  • Enhanced respect for human rights on the part of government and non-government actors
  • Increased community participation in conflict prevention, including countering violent extremism
  • Strengthened local governance, particularly in resource management and disaster risk reduction
A group of youth in Burkina Faso painting a mural in their community
A group of youth in Burkina Faso painting a mural in their community
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