About the Forecast

Each quarter, USAID publishes a Business Forecast. The Business Forecast is an informational resource on potential funding and partnership opportunities at USAID. It is an advanced look at grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements that USAID is in the process of developing and plans to issue in the coming year. Included on the Business Forecast is helpful information such as a description of the award, estimate dollar amount, anticipated date of award, location, and point of contact at USAID. Two separate Forecasts developed each quarter – one for USAID Missions overseas and one for USAID in Washington, DC.

Organizations interested in working with USAID can use this tool to plan for proposal or application submissions. USAID also hopes this tool can be used for partners to engage early in the procurement process, to encourage the creation of new partnerships, and to provide maximum opportunities for small business set-asides.

Please note that because the Business Forecast is issued while potential awards are in the design and planning phase. Information such as award amounts and action type are subject to change.

For the latest solicitations, please visit FedBizOpps.gov and Grants.gov.

FY15 3rd Quarter Business Forecast

Click below to find the latest Business Forecast for USAID’s offices Washington, DC or Overseas

Mission/Overseas Forecast
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 Washington DC Forecast
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Stay Informed of the Business Forecast

USAID realizes the importance of the Business Forecast to current and potential partners.

You can find a list of frequently asked questions here.

The Agency has a number of tools in place to keep partners informed of the Business Forecast.

  • Business Forecast Distribution List – USAID has set-up an email distribution list for organizations interested in receiving alerts on Business Forecast updates, conference calls, and resources. You can sign-up for the distribution list here.
  • Quarterly Calls – Each quarter, upon the release of the Business Forecast, USAID organizes and conducts a conference call to answer questions about the most recent release. The call is promoted on FedBizOpps.gov, through the email distribution list, on USAID’s LinkedIn, and on twitter @USAIDBizOpps. Summaries of the calls and questions are posted online here.

Forecast Process


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Important Notes on the Business Forecast:

  1. The Washington Business Forecast differs from the Mission Business Forecasts for purposes of new Small Business Administration (SBA) compliance requirements. Please note that some columns denote “Contracts Only” for SBA reporting in the Washington Business Forecast.
  2. Most IDIQ type awards listed have small business prime and subcontracting opportunities. Small businesses are encouraged to consider these solicitations for future business with USAID.
  3. The Agency Business Forecast aims to include opportunities that are open for bids/proposals and future opportunities that may not have a solicitation issued yet. Where there are blanks or TBD, information is pending.
  4. If you no longer see a contracting opportunity provided in our previous Agency Business Forecast postings, see https://www.fbo.gov/ and select “award notices” for type and identify “Agency for International Development” and click search. To find a cancellation go to https://www.fbo.gov/ and select “modification, amendment, cancel” notices to find any solicitation amendments or cancellations. You may also conduct advance searches to find specific solicitations.
  5. You may reach the points of contacts (email preferred) in the Agency Business Forecast by searching the name at the USAID Staff Directory