In partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education, the Afghan eQuality Alliances (AeQA) program builds capacity in Afghanistan’s higher education institutions.  The program pilots new curricula, degree and certificate programs, and faculty development activities in Kabul-based universities that can be replicated in regional and provincial universities.  AeQA has established e-learning resource centers in major Afghan universities that has increased faculty and student research capacity, improved the quality of classroom instruction and improved English language skills and computer literacy.  AeQA has also improved the qualifications of Afghan civil servants and professors through development of a Masters Degree in Public Policy and Administration (MPPA) for Kabul University.  The project established a digital library, which has enabled access to Afghan educational materials in the country and elsewhere.  It improved the quality of instruction in priority academic disciplines, namely education, engineering, computer science, and geo science, by supporting professors in those disciplines to attain advanced qualifications.  Partnerships were established between eight Afghan, eight United States; and five third-country universities or  to facilitate improving the quality of teaching and learning in Afghanistan.