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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia  –  The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and DAI formally launch its “My Online Information Is Mine," a cybersecurity awareness raising campaign that aims to raise Mongolian citizens’ awareness of cybersecurity threats through creative music. In collaboration with Mongolian pop artists Hishigdalai and Gangbay, the campaign released a rap song with messages about online privacy and cybersecurity embedded in a story about love and trust. Joining today’s panel were Steven Wintakes, Deputy Development Advisor, USAID Mongolia, B. Dulguun, Hishigdalai’s manager, and Sh. Erkhembayar, Gangbay’s manager.

“The United States government is committed to making cybersecurity a top priority. Across the Indo Pacific region, we are working to build our partners’ cybersecurity capacity to address shared threats through engagement with the private sector, governments, and civil society,” said Steven Winkates, Senior Development Advisor (Acting), USAID Mongolia. “‘My Online Information Is Mine’ is such a timely initiative. It’s about how citizens can be more digitally savvy and safe from cyber threats, and it illustrates how digital society and pop culture can contribute to cybersecurity awareness that will ultimately contribute to an open, inclusive, and safe digital ecosystem in Asia and beyond.” 

“We wanted to make music that doesn’t only entertain but also creates social value,” said Sh. Erkhembayar, Gangbay’s manager. “I hope that whoever listens to our music will not only enjoy the beats or the melody but also are motivated to make positive changes to their daily online behavior. I hope that they’ll also share the song with their friends and families to help spread the word about what we can all do to enhance our safety and security online.” 

“This song plays with the concepts of trust and privacy; that they are mutually reinforcing each other in a relationship,” said B. Dulguun, Hishigdalai’s manager. “But if we look at the key message, it encourages Mongolians to take ownership of their privacy, and do their part to help build a more secure digital world.”

Following the release of the campaign’s theme song, a song contest will also be launched to create an opportunity for everyone to do their part in shaping a more secure online world. The contest will have three different categories of participation: karaoke, cover song, and choreography video.

In partnership with We Think Digital by Meta and Faro Foundation, “My Online Information Is Mine" co-develops and co-produces content to promote norms of responsible behavior in cyberspace. 

“The campaign is well-aligned with the objectives of Meta’s We Think Digital Program in Mongolia - to build a brighter digital future for Mongolians through safe digital practices and increased awareness of privacy protection. This is a great opportunity for us as a strategic partner to create greater impact in this region,” said George Chen, Manager Director for Public Policy (Greater China, Mongolia, Central Asia), Meta. 

With support from local government agencies such as the National Policy Agency and the newly-founded Ministry of Digital Development & Communications, the campaign aims to speak directly to the experience and cyber threats that Mongolians face on a daily basis and empower them to be safer and more secure online. Subject matter experts such as Khan Bank and Monpay (a subsidiary of Mobicom) have also stepped in as supporting partners to provide expertise on topics such as online scams, digital banking, and smartphone security. 

“My Online Information Is Mine" is part of USAID’s Digital Asia Accelerator program (‘the Accelerator’), implemented by DAI. Through the Accelerator, USAID is working across Southeast Asia and Mongolia to advance inclusive and sustainable digital economic development by increasing businesses’ and citizens’ capacities to use digital technology safely and effectively.

Follow the “My Online Information Is Mine" campaign on cybersecurity at #MyMine and the campaign’s Facebook and Instagram page.

USAID Launches Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign in Mongolia
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