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Since 1992, USAID has delivered over $500 million in foreign aid to support Albania’s development, stability, and integration into Europe. While Albania has played a positive, moderating role in the Balkans and is making strides toward Euro-Atlantic integration, significant challenges exist for Albania to become a socially- and economically-viable democracy in line with EU standards. Albania’s European Union (EU) integration will help ensure that the country continues as a reliable, democratic, and prosperous ally of the US, and is increasingly capable of playing a role in securing peace and prosperity in the Balkan region and beyond. USAID’s programs in Albania strengthen democratic institutions, reduce corruption, promote civil society,  promote gender equality, and, at the same time, create a more favorable environment for inclusive economic growth– all necessary to move Albania forward towards greater democracy while meeting criteria that are essential to achieving its European aspirations.


Albania has made many notable improvements in rule of law and good governance in the last twenty years, yet more progress is required to introduce strong and sustainable democratic institutions that form the foundation for a stable, prosperous, and equitable society.

USAID projects focus on improving planning, policy reform, enhancing citizen oversight and transparency, and upgrading performance and management capabilities in the judiciary, in local governments, and in service delivery. USAID’s current rule of law project helps increase transparency and efficiency of the courts, strengthen the performance and watchdog role of civil society, and strengthen the skills of investigative journalists. USAID’s local governance project supports such local government functions as planning, economic development, and public asset management that help create a favorable climate for business and investment.


Albania needs many years of significant, sustained economic growth to approach EU income levels. Since this growth can only be accomplished by a robust, competitive private sector, Albania must create and maintain a business environment free of corruption and volatile politics to grow and prosper and, importantly, to provide jobs for a large and growing youth population. USAID projects provide targeted technical assistance that contributes to increased competitiveness, economic growth, and macroeconomic stability that will allow a standard of living in Albania that is more commensurate with greater Europe. In addition, projects work with financial sector to improve access to capital for key economic drivers, such as small and medium enterprises, farmers and agro-business. USAID implements projects through local firms and organizations, public-private partnerships, and associations and businesses to leverage funds of development partners, particularly Pre-Accession Assistance, when possible.

Last updated: August 31, 2018

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