Have a great idea, and are interested in how to partner with USAID?

USAID generally works by developing programs through competitive procedures for selection of contracts, cooperative agreements, and grants. This approach ensures that all activities are concentrated on pre-defined objectives to maximize impact; and that they are consistent, mutually reinforcing, and draw services from the best available sources.

Unsolicited proposals and applications provide a method for organizations to submit unique, innovative or proprietary approaches for solutions to development challenges. USAID reviews unsolicited proposals and applications to determine whether funding such applications are in the best interest of the Agency and consistent with USAID’s development objectives.

Unsolicited proposals and applications can be received by USAID on a continuous basis for review; however, only in highly exceptional cases are these likely to be approved for funding.  Generally, funding for USAID programs is concentrated and focused on clear objectives within program priorities and funding for unsolicited applications is limited.

USAID encourages those considering submission of unsolicited proposals and applications to first review USAID competitive announcements published on  sam.gov, grants.gov, and review the Agency’s Business Forecast.  When responding to specific announcements, the instructions contained in that announcement must be followed.

For further information on the unsolicited proposal and application process, please refer to the webpage here.