USAID Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR)

A Mandatory Reference to ADS 300 Series Acquisition Chapters

Partial Revision Date: 07/11/2024
Responsible Office: M/OAA/P and M/OAA/PSC
File Name: aidar_071124


This Mandatory Reference document is not the official legal edition of the AIDAR.  It is an edited version of the AIDAR that was effective July 15, 2023 as published in the Federal Register under 88 FR 39189.2.

The Office of the Federal Register maintains the official version of the document, AIDAR (Title 48 of the Code of Federal Regulations Chapter 7).

This Mandatory Reference document is a courtesy copy of the AIDAR that provides interim updates made through deviations and internal Agency policy directives, such as Acquisition and Assistance Policy Directives (AAPDs) shown as highlighted text and strikes through showing the deleted text. This version was prepared to enable users to see the revised deviated text when researching the regulation.


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ADS Reference AIDAR