The Office of the Chief Economist (OCE) supports the Agency in improving the effectiveness of its programming and broader global engagement by bringing strong economic theory and evidence to bear on USAID’s work. The Office, led by the Agency Chief Economist (ACE)

  1. Promotes the use of cost-effectiveness evidence in Agency decision making
  2. Promotes the generation of cost-effectiveness evidence that the Agency is uniquely placed to catalyze, and 
  3. Provides macroeconomic analysis and advice to Agency leadership.

Across these focus areas, OCE leverages the skills and expertise of, and elevates, the Agency’s economics and evidence communities, including coordination and cadre development of economists and evidence technical experts across the Agency.

Recognizing the wide range of economic matters that bear on USAID’s work and the relevance of economic theory and evidence to the Agency’s work broadly, the Office also provides counsel directly to Agency leadership on high-priority economic matters and economics-based advice and input on Agency strategies, policies, and initiatives.


Dean Karlan official photo

Dean Karlan

Agency Chief Economist

​Dean Karlan serves as the Agency Chief Economist.

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