Rules of Behavior for Users

A Mandatory Reference for ADS Chapter 545

Partial Revision Date: 01/22/2024
Responsible Office: M/CIO
File Name: 545mbd_012224


The Rules of Behavior (ROB) are applicable to the USAID workforce. The term "workforce" refers to individuals working for, or on behalf of ​the Agency, regardless of hiring or contracting mechanism, who have physical and/or logical access to USAID facilities and information systems. This includes Direct-​Hire employees, Personal Services Contractor​s (PSCs), Fellows, Participating Agency Service Agreement (PASA), and institutional contractor personnel. Contractors are not normally subject to Agency policy and procedures as discussed in ADS 501, The Automated Directives System. However, contractor personnel are included here by virtue of the applicable clauses in the contract related to Homeland Security Presidential Directive -12 (HSPD-12) and Information Security requirements.