USAID/Guatemala Locally Led Development Annual Program Statement (APS)


The APS provides the broad framework for USAID/Guatemala’s interest in advancing localization through empowering local partners. This umbrella funding opportunity establishes the overall purpose, criteria, process, and rationale under which the Guatemala Mission will issue specific Addenda. 


APS Addendum #1 Local Capacity Strengthening

The USAID/Guatemala Locally Led Development Annual Program Statement (APS) Addendum #1 aims to strengthen local organizations and/or businesses to advance locally-led development by providing financial support, technical assistance and other capacity strengthening interventions. Through this support, local organizations will be able to better serve underrepresented communities and achieve their long-term goals and increase their leadership, advocacy, and technical capacity to advance equal access and equitable social and economic opportunity.



  • Strengthen the institutional/organizational, networking and advocacy capacities of local organizations, civil society organizations (CSO) or Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (ESO). The APS Addendum # 1 will prioritize organizations serving the needs of women and indigenous people, rural communities, and youth. The APS Addendum # 1 aims to support organizations seeking to provide capacity strengthening services to other local organizations, and those that need funding to cover the costs of procuring capacity strengthening services. It will also provide financing for the local organizations that receive capacity strengthening services. 
  • Direct Funding for implementing and advancing development work that aligns with USAID/Guatemala’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS), Indigenous Peoples Engagement Strategy, Strategy to Address the Root Causes of Migration in Central America (RCS) and the Collaborative Migration Management Strategy (CMMS). 


Types of Projects

  1. Strengthen the capacity of local organizations and provide sub-grants to those organizations
  2. Strengthen the capacity of applying organization or consortium, but applicant must be able to explain what capacity strengthening is needed, provide justification for those needs, and if using third-party trainers, identify the organization that will provide those capacity strengthening services and the qualifications of that organization to strengthen capacity
  3. Advance locally-led development work
  4. Any combination of the above


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USAID Guatemala Localization APS Cover Page

Illustrative Concepts

  • A project to support locally-led Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (ESOs), such as Guatemalan entrepreneurship incubators, to build or expand large-scale ecosystem-strengthening initiatives that increase the capacity of Small Growing Businesses (SGBs) and help the SGBs access capital and markets in areas of high migration. 
  • A health civil society organization (CSO) strengthening project will expand the role of CSOs in improving equity, quality, and resource optimization in the Guatemalan health system. 
  • A project to support locally-led Guatemalan research, think tank, university, and other local organizations to expand the capacity of organizations to improve the quality, availability, and use of technologies, tools, systems, and technical advisory services in Guatemala. 
  • A capacity strengthening initiative to develop the institutional capacity of Indigenous People’s organizations to elevate their ability to shape, inform and lead the implementation of development activities and initiatives in Guatemala. 


Eligibility & Submission Instructions



Eligibility for this APS is restricted to local organizations that meet the criteria below (based on USAID definition of local organizations):

  • a) Must be incorporated or legally organized under the laws of Guatemala;
  • b) Must have its principal place of business in Guatemala;
  • c) Must be more than 50% beneficially owned by individuals who are citizens or lawfully admitted permanent residents of Guatemala;
  • d) Must be managed by a governing body, of which at least 50% of the members are citizens or lawfully admitted permanent residents of Guatemala.

Eligibility for awards receiving Local Works funding is restricted to organizations that have not received more than $5 million from USAID as a prime recipient in the last 5 years.


Application and Submission Information


This is a multi-tiered APS in accordance with ADS 303.3.6.1(c). Selection under this APS will be based on a three-step process:

  • Phase 1 - Concept paper submissions. Open to all eligible organizations as described in the APS Addendum #1. Applicants must first submit a concept paper for review. All concept papers will be evaluated according to the merit review criteria in the APS Addendum #1.
  • Phase 2 - Co-creation. USAID/Guatemala will invite selected applicant(s) to enter a period of co-creation, in which they will collaborate on and refine approach(es) with one another and USAID/Guatemala. Selected applicants will then submit full applications for consideration by USAID/Guatemala.
  • Phase 3 - Full application submissions. By invitation only to applicants selected from the Phase 1 concept paper submissions. USAID may invite one or more of the applicants with the highest rated concept papers to submit a full application. Full applications will be evaluated according to the merit review criteria in the RFA.

Interested organizations should read the entire USAID/Guatemala Locally Led Development Annual Program Statement (APS), as well as Addendum #1 Local Capacity Strengthening, and follow the instructions for submitting a concept paper in response to Addendum 1

Concept papers should be submitted to USAID/Guatemala using this online Concept Note Submission Form. Concept papers can be submitted in English or Spanish. Concept papers must abide by the character limits for each section.  

Concept papers must be submitted before the deadline indicated in the cover letter of this APS Addendum #1. 


For More Information


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Questions regarding this APS Addendum #1 should be submitted in writing to no later than the date and time indicated on the cover letter, as amended.

  • Armando Espinosa, Agreements Officer
  • Patricia Sigui, Administrative Contracting/Agreement Officer
  • Sergia Archila, Acquisition and Assistance Specialist

Disclaimer: Although this website provides information about the funding opportunity, refer to the official solicitation and award documents on, which are the controlling documents with the official eligibility information, instructions to apply, etc.

Issuance of this Addendum does not constitute an award commitment on the part of the U.S. Government, nor do those commit the U.S. Government to pay for any costs incurred in the preparation or submission of questions, comments, suggestions, Concept Papers, and/or Full Applications. Applicants submit Concept Papers/Applications at their own risk, and all preparation and submission costs are at their own expense.