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Март 14, 2019

Like many people in Uzbekistan, and around the world, Shavkat Tursunbayev has battled Tuberculosis (TB), a highly infectious but curable disease. After an initial infection ten years ago, he was re-infected while serving a prison sentence. Overcrowding and a lack of awareness of how TB infection is transmitted make inmates particularly vulnerable to TB. And compounding the problem, distrust of doctors and officials make former inmates particularly fearful of getting tested and seeking treatment.

Октябрь 27, 2016

As Central Asia’s most populous country, with extensive natural resources and transportation links, Uzbekistan is a potential force for regional economic growth and stability.

Декабрь 30, 2013

Развитие независимой, стабильной, процветающей и демократической Центральной Азии на границе с Афганистаном является жизненно важным для обеспечения безопасности как в регионе, так и во всем мире, и Узбекистан, который находится в самом сердце региона, играет ключевую роль. Узбекистан - самая густонаселенная страна Центральной Азии, а наличие значительных природных ресурсов и коммуникаций позволяет ему выступать в качестве движущей силы экономического роста и стабильности в регионе.

USAID Uzbekistan 2013 Calendar

It's been a busy spring for USAID. We're actively engaging Turkmenistan in their WTO accession, strengthening the carpet export industry across Central Asia, and are moving forward on the prevention, treatment, and care of tuberculosis. We're also pleased to showcase the many ways Ambassador Elliott has been championing development in Tajikistan. Check out these and other highlights in our Spring 2013 newsletter.

Last updated: March 14, 2019

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