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Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

Community Police training
Conor Ashleigh

Timor-Leste has conducted seven free and fair nationwide elections since independence in 2002, and recently completed another successful democratic transition of power after presidential and parliamentary elections in 2012. Yet the country still lacks some of the democratic and governance systems needed to adequately respond to unemployment, socioeconomic inequality and unresolved conflict. USAID works with Timor-Leste to strengthen the foundations of the country’s democratic systems, promote stability and further consolidate good governance. We partner with justice, accountability and security institutions to better meet the needs and aspirations of Timor-Leste’s citizens. For example, support from USAID and the Millennium Challenge Corporation to watchdog and justice organizations has facilitated successful anti-corruption investigations, prosecutions of senior officials and strengthening of anti-corruption laws.

Last updated: January 20, 2015

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