Flag of Sudan


  • Crop-sharing programs support farmers and markets in Darfur.

  • USAID supports camps that are home to millions of displaced Darfuris

  • Farmers in Southern Kordofan learn to use donkey plows to improve planting.

  • Food aid supports Darfuris affected by conflict

Women make fuel-efficient stoves in Mukjar camp in West Darfur.
Fuel-Efficient Stoves Reduce Risk

About Sudan

USAID remains committed to playing a role in enhancing the viability and stability of Sudan as the country embarks on a new era. Conflict mitigation will be an integral component of USAID’s efforts, as progress in this area remains a chief U.S. foreign policy priority, particularly in Darfur and the Three Areas of Abyei, Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan. USAID will continue to build on the established coordination between diplomacy and development efforts in Sudan to address outstanding provisions of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement that ended 22 years of north-south civil war.  The Agency also will continue its support for democratic development in Sudan, as well as openings for a transition from emergency assistance to development assistance where conditions allow. 

Last updated: July 07, 2014

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