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  • USAID promotes greater citizen participation in local government decision-making.

  • USAID's agriculture lending program (DCA) is helping Albanian farmers and agribusinesses gain access to otherwise limited credit during this time of economic contraction.

  • USAID programs strengthen the role of local Albanian organizations to advocate for the rights of marginalized groups.

  • USAID initiatives have played an integral part in the development of Albania’s ICT sector.

A hands-on lesson on machinery repair
Training Bolsters Albanian Garment Industry
Greenhouse with green seedling plants
USAID Introduces Alternate Energy Technology and Builds Unique Partnership among Albanian Agro-Businesses
A nurse administers medication through an IV to a patient in a hospital bed
USAID-supported Hospitals Reforms Prove Effective in Improving Transparency and Accountability

About Albania

Since 1992, the U.S. Government has delivered foreign aid to support Albania’s development, stability and integration into Europe. U.S. aid has helped Albania transition from the most isolated and repressive communist state in Europe to a democracy with a market-oriented economy.
The current program works with the Government of Albania and the private sector on transformational reforms to strengthen democratic institutions and sustain economic growth. Specifically, USAID helps Albania to:
  • Strengthen rule of law by building the skills of lawyers and judges, and ensuring that courts function properly
  • Increase the ability of local governments to raise revenue and provide more effective services to citizens in areas ranging from health care to clean water
  • Improve business competitiveness while strengthening the financial sector to better support economic development and financial security  


Albania Country Development Cooperation Strategy 2011-2015

Last updated: January 26, 2015

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