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  • USAID’s support to train medical professionals has helped save the lives of many babies

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  • USAID supports small farmers to improve milk production and raise family income

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  • Child performers present in the USAID-supported National Festival of Disabled Performers

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  • USAID empowers women by engaging them in the political and decision making processes

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  • Anti-Corruption Advocacy and Legal Aid Center’s lawyer provides free legal advice

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The Azerbaijani Government Will Replicate a USAID Project
The Azerbaijani Government Will Replicate a USAID Project
A youth radio in Azerbaijan starts online video news reporting
A youth radio in Azerbaijan starts online video news reporting
Community members in Piramsan village inaugurate new electricity lines installed with USAID support
Bringing Light Back to Homes in Azerbaijan

About Azerbaijan

Political, economic, and health reforms mutually reinforce the strategic goals of the U.S. and Azerbaijan Governments.

USAID programs in democracy and governance target efforts to increase institutional transparency in the Parliament and enhance its capacity to address civil society concerns. The programs also seek to advance the rule of law and provide legal advice for citizens opposed to corruption.

Economic growth programs aim to improve the development of the non-oil sector, with an emphasis on helping the agriculture sector to increase export competitiveness.

The Agency's health programs advance reform initiatives, improve the quality of health services, increase mobilization and use of health resources, and empower Azerbaijanis to exercise their health rights and responsibilities.


Last updated: April 17, 2014

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