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  • Shop owner Timóteo Samemba receives the Certificate of Excellence from USAID Mission Director, Jason Fraser, and DPS Director, Dr. Frederico Juliana, for his pharmacy’s performance.

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  • A nurse Huambo checks a patient and her baby before prescribing anti-malarial drugs.

  • USAID supports clinics that improve the health of Angolan mothers and their children.

  • Farmers in Huambo who have received loans for production of improved varieties of Irish potato talk about their experience

  • USAID supports organizations like Alfalit, which teaches Angolan students to read

  • Representative members from Malaria Forum received the check for $1.8 million to support projects to combat malaria in Angola.

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Promoting safer motherhood and healthier families in Angola
Family Planning Saves Lives in Angola
training in malaria case management and prevention
Angolan NGO Expands Health Services from HIV to Malaria
A nurse in a local clinic in Huambo Province, Angola, checks a patient and her baby before prescribing anti-malarial drugs.
A Better Cure for Angola’s Children

About Angola

Angola's low level of human development is at odds with its potential for economic prosperity, considering the country's wealth of natural resources. Much of this paradox is explained by the social disruption and physical destruction caused by 27 years of civil war. As sub-Saharan Africa's second largest oil producer and with its tremendous agricultural potential, the country could become a powerhouse for regional trade and investment. USAID focuses on strengthening good governance, increasing economic opportunity, and improving the delivery of social services.

Last updated: January 26, 2015

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