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South Sudan

  • USAID is providing emergency assistance in response to the crisis in South Sudan

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  • Community members in Old Fangak, Jonglei State, help unload lifesaving food aid for conflict-affected South Sudanese. WFP/Jens Hanhe

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  • USAID’s education program in South Sudan focuses on rapidly reaching out-of-school children and improving the education system.

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Mothers Give Birth Safely Amid South Sudan’s Conflict
Mothers Give Birth Safely Amid South Sudan's Conflict
Let Girls Learn
Let Girls Learn
Mary Konyo explains how the drug misoprostol helped her and other mothers prevent post-partum hemorrhage.
Safe Childbirth Study Yields Positive Results for South Sudan

About South Sudan

In January 2011, the southern Sudanese voted overwhelmingly to secede, and on July 9, 2011, the Republic of South Sudan became an independent nation. As South Sudan embarks on nationhood, USAID seeks to help make the new country increasingly stable while helping the government deliver basic services to citizens, provide effective, inclusive and accountable governance, diversify the economy, and combat poverty.


01/15/14: South Sudan’s Broken Promise?: Testimony of Assistant Administrator Earl W. Gast before The House Committee on Foreign Affairs

01/09/14: The Situation in South Sudan: Testimony of Assistant Administrator Nancy E. Lindborg before The U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

South Sudan Transition Strategy: Summary (pdf,125kb)

South Sudan Transition Strategy: Full (pdf,1.2mb)


Last updated: July 15, 2014

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Crisis in South Sudan

USAID is working with a wide variety of partners to respond to the humanitarian needs of the South Sudanese people. Learn More

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