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  • Taimani Ha tribal leaders embrace after agreement on peace deal, December 2013.

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  • An Afghan community is roiled by social change as many more women than ever before seek to study or work outside the home

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  • Mrs Mohammed holds her laminated voucher close. Those few inches of plastic mean the difference between starvation and feeding h

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  • Nazifa’s turshi bab or assorted pickles have acquired a devoted following

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  • Tirin Kot’s wastewater treatment plant will become the national standard

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  • Grieving families are helped to provide for themselves after death of the breadwinner

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Frequent diner Ms. Hayda Gulzar comes to Chipsi to meet friends and enjoy tasty meals served by well-trained staff.
Expansion on the Menu for Afghan Entrepreneur
Balkh Dairy - Afghanistan
Balkh Dairy - Afghanistan
Engineer Nadir using the digital hammer to test the quality of concrete in Herat city.
Quality Control Improves Afghan Construction

About Afghanistan

USAID is helping Afghanistan become a more responsible and integrated member of the region and the world. Great strides have been made in health and education, bringing more Afghans back into economic and civic life.

Institutions that can accountably respond to people’s needs and aspirations are being restored. Investments in infrastructure and human capital are making the country less vulnerable to insurgents and illicit business and more attractive for private-sector enterprise.

Through its work, the Agency has boosted incomes, created jobs and reduced poverty. At the same time, we have improved how we work in Afghanistan. These reforms are core to our mission to accomplish results sustainably and cost-effectively.

USAID and its partners will continue to build upon this foundation. Our focus includes investing in energy, industries and capacities that will generate broad-based and inclusive economic growth and improve security. We are working with the Afghan people to lay the foundation that enables a successful transition from a donor-supported economy to one driven by Afghan growth and ingenuity.

Last updated: September 10, 2014

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