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  • USAID provides bednets to communities to help prevent malaria.

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  • Community forest management conserves critical resources.

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  • Rural health huts provide much-needed care through community volunteers.

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Chief nurse, Madame Dieng, explains some of the major health challenges in the area.
Rural Senegal Offers Health Insurance to Better Serve Populace
Student researchers work hand in Hand for Food Security in Senegal
Student Researchers Work for Food Security in Senegal
USAID/Senegal:  50 Years of Partnership
USAID/Senegal: 50 Years of Partnership

About Senegal


In the past decade, Senegal has progressed significantly both economically and politically as a moderate, democratic, predominantly Muslim secular country in fragile west Africa. However, poor infrastructure, longstanding underinvestment and an inhibiting policy environment continue to challenge growth. In partnership with the Government of Senegal, USAID helps improve lives by creating jobs, improving access to education and health care, helping to strengthen democratic institutions, and developing the agriculture sector to increase production and incomes. 

Last updated: August 20, 2014

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