Flag of Bangladesh


  • Increasing agricultural yield is an important objective of U.S. development activities in Bangladesh

  • Bangladeshi youth rally on the Anti-Corruption Day

  • A happy mother with her young child at a community basic healthcare clinic in Bangladesh

  • Female beneficiaries living in the slums of Central Bangladesh are learning to weave baskets

  • USAID-supported MAMA partnership wins Fast Company service design award.

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Less Fertilizer Equals More Rice, More Money in Bangladesh
Less Fertilizer Equals More Rice, More Money in Bangladesh
Abdul Majid, second from left, is recognized for his commitment to educating his three daughters.
Film Motivates Bangladeshi Parents to Keep Girls in School
Tarango Rani crafting bamboo baskets with her husband
Small Businesses Help Bangladeshis Rise Out of Poverty

About Bangladesh

The United States and Bangladesh enjoy a warm and wide-ranging friendship, driven by common interests and shared values. As a moderate, secular and tolerant democracy that is at peace with its neighbors, Bangladesh is a role model for less developed countries in the South Asia region.

Bangladesh is committed to becoming a middle-income country by 2021, its 50th year of independence. USAID assistance supports this goal by promoting democratic institutions and practices, economic opportunity, effective health and education services, food security, responsiveness to climate change, and preparedness and response to natural disasters. 

Last updated: August 27, 2014

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