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  • USAID encourages communities to use eco-friendly cooking stoves to save forests.

  • USAID improves health service delivery through Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) programs.

  • USAID is supporting Family Planning in communities through local service providers.

  • Better irrigation systems improve community resilience in drought-prone Malawi.

  • USAID is enhancing early grade reading for junior primary school pupils.

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About Malawi

Last year, USAID's mission in Malawi completed a five year, $700m Country Development Cooperation Strategy that promotes integrated development with the goal of “Malawians’ quality of life improved” and three objectives: Social Development Improved, Sustainable Livelihoods Increased, Citizen Rights and Responsibilities Exercised. This new strategy furthers USAID’s commitment to development partnership with the government and people of Malawi based on true accountability and collaboration.

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Last updated: September 12, 2014

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