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  • Odil Rahimberdiev, a peach and plum farmer in Ferghana Province, increased his harvest five-fold thanks to USAID introduced pruning methods.

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  • A participant in a USAID agricultural program in Namangan Province demonstrates proper sorting and packing of sweet cherries before they are shipped to cold storage. Credit: Sunnat Jalalov

  • USAID programs sponsor popular Apricot Variety contests in the Ferghana Valley to celebrate the harvest and teach new methods for storing and processing fruits. Credit: USAID

  • Children learn how to properly wash their hands as part of a USAID health education program. Credit: USAID

  • Caption: These USAID-trained nurses have learned new techniques for community outreach to stop tuberculosis (TB). USAID programs partners with local health departments to train outreach workers on encouraging testing and treatment for TB in Uzbekistan.

Alisher Abdullajonov, founder of VOOLEN TEKS (left) negotiating trade deals during B2B meeting
Uzbek Company Connects to New Markets, Triples Production
TB awareness session
Uzbekistan Gains from US Practices in TB Detection, Treatment
Farmers learn the intensive orchard method to increase crop yield and quality.
Uzbekistan Transforms Fruit Tree Industry

About Uzbekistan

Developing an independent, stable, prosperous and democratic Central Asia along Afghanistan’s border is vital to regional and global security, and Uzbekistan plays a pivotal role in the heart of the region. As Central Asia’s most populous country, Uzbekistan’s extensive natural resources and transportation links make it a potential force for economic growth and stability in the region. 

To support the emergence of a successful Uzbekistan that can contribute to regional stability, USAID is helping to diversify its economy and foster cross-border regional trade to include Afghanistan, address serious health threats to the population’s well-being, and support the development of a government that is responsive to its people’s needs. 


Last updated: January 27, 2015

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