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  • Secretary Kerry Announces New Partnerships and $25 Million in Fresh Aid for Typhoon Yolanda Victims

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  • Fishery protection teams which consist of local government employees and police, patrol their respective municipal waters. With USAID’s assistance, Bohol is strengthening its coastal monitoring and protection program particularly in the Danajon Bank.

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  • Muslim women participate in an “Usapan Session” in a USAID-assisted birthing clinic in Maguindanao in ARMM.

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  • Students now enjoy their newly constructed, typhoon and earthquake-resilient classrooms after the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).This reconstruction is part of a larger USAID-funded effort to rebuild and equip more than 200 classrooms in Leyte.

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  • Maylene Reyes, 21, is a mother and entrepreneur who saves her earnings with mobile money. USAID works with microfinance institutions to use mobile money to facilitate deposits, collect loan payments, and service payroll and loan payouts.

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  • Residents who were affected by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) receive hygiene kits which include items like water containers, water purification tablets, and soap. USAID also provided food assistance, shelter supplies, and medical supplies.

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  • The “Kapag nag-DOTS, TB ay nagagamot!” TV commercial promotes adherence to Directly Observed Treatment Short-course (DOTS) for tuberculosis treatment. USAID supports the Philippine Department of Health in reducing TB mortality and prevalence.

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Turning the Page on Illiteracy in the Philippines
Turning the Page on Illiteracy in the Philippines
Mobile Money Instructional Video
What is Mobile Money?

About Philippines

The Philippines, Southeast Asia’s oldest democracy, is an important development, trade and security partner to the United States. In recent years, the Philippines has made substantial economic progress, although one-fifth of the population still lives in extreme poverty. Through the Partnership for Growth, a White House initiative implemented in only four countries worldwide, the United States and the Philippines collaborate to address the country’s most serious constraints to lasting equitable growth that benefits all Filipinos.

USAID’s programs focus on achieving inclusive, sustained and resilient growth through improving economic competitiveness and human capacity, strengthening the country’s environmental resilience, and fostering peace and stability in six conflict areas in Mindanao. In addition, USAID plays a key role in providing humanitarian assistance in response to disasters.

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Last updated: March 05, 2015

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