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  • USAID’s Cambodia HARVEST project formed 97 market linkages between buyers and producer groups for a consistent and fair price and a regular supply of quality produce. Photo: Cambodia HARVEST

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  • "NOURISH" - a USAID funded activity to improve nutrition and sanitation - was launched in Siem Reap on June 3, 2015. Photo: USAID/Michael Gebremedhin

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  • USAID’s Supporting Forests and Biodiversity project joined the Cambodian government to launch the Eco-Schools Program to increase awareness among young Cambodian students on the importance of environmental protection. Photo: Mengey Eng

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  • USAID and WaterSHED are using a market approach to help people access to clean water. Cambodian rural communities are learning how to use the “Teuk Amret” water filter which allows them to drink their well water without boiling it. Photo: WaterSHED

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  • USAID’s ASSIST Project supported the Ministry of Health to develop a strong and responsive system of health profession regulation to help improve the safety and quality of health care services in Cambodia. Photo: USAID ASSIST Project – Cambodia

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  • USAID joined the Royal Government of Cambodia to launch Cambodia’s first mobile health platform designed to reach individuals at risk of HIV with life-saving information. Photo: USAID/Michael Gebremedhin

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Sam Bunnath, a journalist from Cambodia’s Battambang province, gathers news between Thai and Cambodia border.
Journalist Uncovers Corruption Scandal
Lorn sells watermelons and mangos in Tanuk village in western Cambodia. Since a USAID-sponsored HIV/AIDS awareness program visit
Reducing Stigma and Discrimination
Dr. Ouk Vong Vathiny (left) at a RHAC clinic in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Homegrown Partners Thrive in Cambodia

About Cambodia

Cambodia is transforming in remarkable ways. The country is at peace after decades of conflict, and a majority of Cambodians are optimistic about the future. However, important challenges remain. Parliamentary elections in 2008 were freer than any held in Cambodia. Yet political power remains unevenly spread, and opposition parties are disorganized, divided and subject to manipulation.

Cambodia has reduced HIV/AIDS infection by half and treated the majority of affected people. Yet maternal mortality remains high, infectious diseases are serious concerns and the health and education systems are underfunded. Each year, 250,000 young people enter the workforce, but not all find jobs. In each of these areas, U.S. assistance makes significant contributions to Cambodia's development.

Last updated: June 15, 2015

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