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  • Madagascar’s unique environment is one of its greatest resources.

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  • USAID commodities help communities recover from natural disasters like cyclones.

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  • Students prepare for a peer outreach event on HIV prevention.

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  • A health worker checks a child for signs of malnutrition.

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Saving Lives from Malaria in Madagascar
Saving lives from malaria in Madagascar
30th anniversary of USAID/Madagascar
30th anniversary of USAID/Madagascar
Rabetsy believes everyone should have tap water at home
Waiting for Water in Madagascar

About Madagascar

USAID has been working for nearly 30 years to help the people of Madagascar accomplish their development goals in the face of ongoing challenges. As a result of the March 2009 military coup, the U.S. Government suspended all non-humanitarian assistance and direct assistance to the Government of Madagascar. However, following credible, democratic elections and the installation of a democratically elected government in January 2014, coup restrictions were lifted in May 2014, permitting the resumption of direct assistance to the Government of Madagascar.  

Although there have been impressive results in assisting people living in some of the poorest, most remote areas, these gains could be reversed due to the ongoing political crisis and declining economic conditions. Read More

Last updated: April 15, 2015

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