Food Assistance Fact Sheet - Somalia

February 9, 2015

Food Security Situation

Map of Somalia
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  • Since 1991, Somalia has faced conflict and frequent droughts. In 2011 and 2012, Somalia experienced severe food insecurity and famine affecting four million people, or approximately half of the country’s estimated population. 

  • Despite improvements in the food security situation following a near-average Deyr harvest, high levels of acute food insecurity persist across Somalia, especially among displaced populations. Through June 2015, approximately 731,000 people are expected to experience crisis and emergency levels of acute food insecurity—a 29 percent decrease from the July-to-December 2014 estimate. An additional 2.3 million people will likely face stressed levels of acute food insecurity, requiring support to protect against future shocks.

  • According to recent nutrition surveys, more than 202,000 children under age five suffer from acute malnutrition. While this number represents a seven percent decrease since July 2014, rates of Global Acute Malnutrition remain above the U.N. World Health Organization’s emergency threshold in more than one-third of the populations surveyed.
  • Persistent insecurity and restricted humanitarian access in southern and central Somalia continue to create challenges to delivering assistance.  

Food Assistance Programs

  • The Office of Food for Peace (FFP) targets food-insecure Somali households and internally displaced persons countrywide.

  • FFP partners with the UN World Food Program, other public international organizations, and non-governmental organizations on relief, nutrition, livelihoods, social safety net, and resilience-oriented activities. These activities include in-kind food assistance and regional procurement, as well as cash- and market-based interventions such as cash transfers, cash for work, and food vouchers.

Food for Peace Contributions

Total Contributions:

  U.S. Dollars Metric Tons
Fiscal Year 2015 $28.9 million 16,980 MT
Fiscal Year 2014 $127.5 million 53,601 MT
Fiscal Year 2013 $77.0 million 38,570 MT
Fiscal Year 2012 $161.9 million 65,240 MT
Fiscal Year 2011 $89.0 million 36,197 MT

Fiscal Year 2015 Contribution Breakdown:

  U.S. Dollars Metric Tons
Title II Development ----  
Title II Emergency $28.9 million 16,980 MT
Emergency Food Security Program (EFSP) ---- ----
Title II: In-kind food assistance; EFSP: Cash-based food assistance
Food Security Situation information provided by the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) and the Food Security and
Nutrition Analysis Unit - Somalia (FSNAU) as of February 2015


Last updated: February 10, 2015

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