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Image of young girl in Mindanao, Philippines reading a book donated by USAID and partner Brother’s Brother Foundation.
A student in Mindanao enjoys reading a book donated to her school by USAID and Brother’s Brother Foundation. USAID gave over 1.8 million books and more than $850,000 in community grants to improve basic education in conflict-affected areas of Mindanao.

Public education in the Philippines faces large-scale shortages of teachers, desks and chairs, textbooks and audio-video materials. Overcrowded classrooms are common, with class sizes averaging almost 45 students. The education system is hampered by inadequate teacher-training programs and a declining per capita expenditure. These problems are particularly acute in the conflict-affected areas of Mindanao, where there are as many school-age children and youth who are out-of-school as those in school.

In response, USAID is training teachers; providing computers, textbooks, and other materials to schools; and building the capacity of Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs). By improving the instruction in Mindanao’s public schools, we are increasing access to quality education and skills in areas most affected by conflict and poverty. The Agency also provides out-of-school children and youth the opportunity to improve their literacy and math competencies, and equips them with the vocational, technical and entrepreneurial skills that will enable them to return to formal schooling or be employed or self-employed.

USAID partners with others to increase the quality of basic education and provide training to educators. In conflict-prone Mindanao, we help out-of-school youth return to the formal education system by preparing them to take Department of Education’s Accreditation and Equivalency test. We are also encouraging greater participation of parents and communities in the education of their children, and training parents and teachers to effectively advocate for additional school resources.

Last updated: April 02, 2014

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